Certificate of Delivery

Request a Certificate of Delivery for your classic BMW ALPINA automobile in order to document the original specification and equipment of your BMW ALPINA automobile at the time of production. A Certificate of Delivery is available for most vehicles built in 1978 and later.

The Certificate of Delivery includes the following information:

- ALPINA Model Designation
- ALPINA Model Designation
- ALPINA Vehicle Identification Number
- ALPINA Production Number
- BMW Vehicle Identification Number
- Engine Number
- Production Month

The following documentation is included in the form of copies of the original vehicle file:
- Excerpt of the original vehicle invoice
-Technical data sheet

Please note: Due to the current situation, there may be temporary delays in issuing ALPINA Certificates of Delivery.

◊  The Certificate of Delivery only describes the original condition on delivery from the ALPINA manufactory. This Certificate of Delivery neither verifies the originality of the automobile nor the vehicle‘s current condition or value.