Interior design

Finest interior

The interior of the new BMW ALPINA XD3 offers a spacious ambience, characterised by fine materials and modern clarity. Discreet ALPINA details add touches of exclusivity and individualisation. For example the hand-crafted ALPINA sports steering wheel finished in luxurious LAVALINA leather with blue/green stitching, the ALPINA door sills and the trademark production plaque.

ALPINA Saddlery

ALPINA’s in-house saddlery provides an almost unlimited range of interior features for the BMW ALPINA XD3: piping, stitching, embroidery, punching and embossing add a personal touch to each BMW ALPINA automobile. The untreated LAVALINA leather upholstery, painstakingly crafted in the ALPINA saddlery, adds the most exquisite natural material used in the automotive industry to the options list.